Crestron iLux Designer

Crestron iLux Designer 2.01

All the tools necessary to program a complete 6-zone lighting and shade control
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The Crestron iLux Designer provides all the tools necessary to quickly program a complete 6-zone lighting and shade control solution based on the CLS-C6 and CLS-C6M iLux Integrated Lighting Systems. The CLS-C6 system is capable of controlling up to six lighting loads, 16 shade controllers, and 16 keypads. The CLS-C6M system additionally provides built-in motion detection.

The iLux Designer permits easy programming of all front panel button functions and keypads, including scene recalls, scene toggles, fade times, ramp rate, master dim control, master shade control, and scene programming based on occupancy status. The iLux Designer also provides an interface to the Crestron Engraver for creating engraving orders.

The iLux Designer features an easy-to-use interface arranged into six Views that include a load schedule, a shades view, and a scenes view. iLux Designer allows you to assign functions to buttons, adjust lighting ramp time, and add up to 16 keypads to the local CLS-C6 network. The finish view permits you to send the project to the CLS-C6, set network IDs, retrieve local settings from the CLS-C6, and print reports.

The iLux Designer also requires other Crestron software to operate. The Crestron Live Update feature will automatically inform you as new versions of the software become available.

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